From online poker’s advancement of equality to the hardcore gamers’ acceptance of the mobile market’s prowess

With the advent of mobile technology, casual gamers have now entered the gaming world that was once only reserved for hardcore gaming geeks. According to, “Smartphone and tablet gaming is due to reach US$100 billion by 2017, and mobile is fast overtaking desktop for new acquisition.” Mobile games have made the gaming industry more competitive and also changed the face of more social games like poker. They’ve even convinced console gaming developers to consider tapping into the mobile market.

With so many changes brought about by the popularity of mobile games, let’s take a look at how they have changed the world.
Mobile games are an avenue for equality
Mobile gaming became an avenue that men and women all over the world can enjoy. Online poker, for example, was hailed as a prime example of how mobile gaming can become a neutral ground between male and female gamers. “One of the great aspects of poker is the fact the playing field is level regardless of age, strength and gender,” shares Matthew Pitt, a poker journalist writing for Betfair’s poker site. There’s no need to fear the condescending looks or banter of arrogant players since everyone is protected by the anonymity of online gaming. After all, people have a choice whether they want to socialize with others online or not.
They turn non-video gamers into casual gamers
Mobile gaming has successfully introduced even the non-players to the engaging world of video games. This fact is much more evident in the mobile casino market than in others. A lot of casino games have been ported virtually, from the thousands of slot titles to the different variations of poker which had, in the past, only been offered at brick-and-mortal gaming establishments. Without millions of people patronizing such games, game developers wouldn’t continue porting casino games to online platforms. According to an article by Forbes, the virtual casino business is a $15 billion industry, with most of the revenue coming from online poker alone.
They have made hardcore, console gamers into mobile gaming addicts as well
“Mobile gaming has come a long way since the endless days of Tetris on your Nokia brick phone. Now, some gaming apps rival the inventiveness and difficulty of top-tier console games, and we’re not complaining,” Max Knoblauch highlights in one of his articles in A lot of hardcore gamers like playing games with groundbreaking graphics and that’s what mobile app developers are doing. Mobile poker games may look plain and simple but they actually require a decent hardware to run. This is because apart from the gameplay itself, 3D avatars and highly-detailed casino backdrops are being included in them. Of course, this doesn’t just happen in casual casino gaming but in other game genres as well. “Most smartphone and tablet gamers spend hours playing casual fare like Dots and any given version of Angry Birds. However, the winds have begun to shift, with more developers working on hardcore games to sway console players onto mobile,” gaming site Tom’s Guide quotes.
The mobile gaming industry continues to grow. That being said, game developers are fully aware that they should step up in offering stand-out games that can both attract casual and hardcore gamers to succeed against increasing competition.

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Ubisoft seems to hаve neаreԁ zombiu with а sensible formulа: introԁuсe the сompаrаtively unique properties of the wii u gаmepаԁ аnԁ present them in the сontext of а very ассessible аnԁ likeаble zombie аpoсаlypse. In ԁoing so, ubisoft, no strаnger to thirԁ-pаrty lаunсh titles, hаs steppeԁ it up а notсh to ԁeliver one of the few suitаble bаsiс wii u titles out of the gаte.